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Corporate Innervation Masterclass

Innovation is a huge opportunity in the corporate world, but so many organisations are missing the boat by shackling themselves to a hustle culture and start-up mentality that doesn't easily align inside the corporate environment. You need a human-centred approach to innovation, and I hope this book will help you create a vision for an inclusive, human-centred approach to innovation inside your organisation.  

There will never ​be a better time to build a Corporate Innervation Operating System in your organisation to grow the value of your people and the bottom line.

Corporate Innervation is a must read for anyone with a deep interest in the concept of innovation. This covers a lot of ground. As much as many entrepreneurs and thought leaders will find it of value, so will Executives, CEO’s, General Managers, Board Members and Innovation Leaders who are looking to get the most out of their own internal innovation programmes.

If you have a corporate innovation programme you will find this relevant and thought provoking.

Welcome to the world of ‘Corporate Innervation’.

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