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Professional Speaking

I love to deliver impactful presentations and masterclasses to help audiences rethink innovation and walk away with strategies they can implement immediately in their organisations.

About Ally Muller

Very few speakers have the depth and breadth of expertise on the topic of innovation that Ally has. As the Managing Director of GOYA Consulting, Ally works with boards, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to build innovation eco-systems and entrepreneurial cultures that add extraordinary value to any bottom line.


After successfully building and selling a number of her own businesses, Ally turned her focus back to the corporate world. She developed the ‘Corporate Innervation Operating System’ to humanise the innovation process and unlock the genius inside organisations. The ultimate aim to build a culture of growth through innovation monetisation.


In her new book, “CORPORATE INNERVATION - Unlocking the Genius inside Your Organisation”, Ally is encouraging a bigger conversation around the concept of innovation. Specifically, she wants to remove the hype and tired rhetoric by showing organisations how to transform innovation from a buzz word to a self-sustaining, profitable eco-system inside their organisation. Sharing stories from the trenches and lessons learnt, Ally tells it like it really is, the same style she adopts for her live events.

Ally is without a doubt, a leader in the world of innovation. She will leave any audience inspired to rethink what innovation really means. She will challenge conventional thinking and encourage deeper, more meaningful conversations around one of the biggest opportunities for any organisation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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